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Shares for Sale in a Private Game Farm in the Waterberg  


Hermanusdoorns Shareblock is a long-established share block ( incorporated in 1998 ) for a private game farm in the Waterberg, in which 83 shares are in issue, with no plans to issue any further. The main business of the company is the operation and maintenance of a game farm for the leisure of the shareholders.

The shares entitle members to build a house on the farm for their exclusive use and to utilize the farm in terms of the Shareblock Use Agreement which forms part of the Shareholer Agreements. The shares available on this website are offered for sale on behalf of individual members and not on behalf of Hermanusdoorns Shareblock Ltd.

Both Developed sites and Undeveloped sites are offered for sale. The distinction between a "Developed" site and an "Undeveloped" site is that a house already exists on a "Developed" site, while an "Undeveloped" site is currently a stand only, on which a house can be built,

The farm is approximately 1500 hectares and is situated within the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve and is a member of the Waterberg Nature Conservancy. The region is a malaria-free area, and the farm is approximately 3 hours drive from Johannesburg.

A wide variety of game exists, although specifically none of the big 5, so members are able to walk and cycle in nature freely. Leopard does however occur naturally in the area, but is shy and vary rarely seen. Game includes giraffe, zebra, blue wildebeest, kudu, impala, red hartebeest, mountain reedbuck, nyala, blesbok, bushbuck, waterbuck, eland, gemsbok, as well as other naturally occurring animals such as warthog, genet, striped mongoose, porcupine, klipspringer, duiker etc, together with a wealth of birdlife. Brown hyena and ratel have also been spotted. Three young sable bulls were introduced in June 2015 and three cows in August 2017.

As it has been in existence for a long time, the farm infrastructure is fully developed, with Eskom electricity laid on and water supplied from boreholes on the farm. A resident farm manager and staff maintain the infrastructure which includes a swimming pool, entertainment area and tuckshop.

 The ethos is one of conservation and maintaining a wilderness area as much as possible and hence the restriction on the number of shares issued and limited syndication. No hunting is permitted on the farm, so game numbers are controlled by capturing the game and removing it when necessary.

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